A Propos


Hello, my name is Ciprian Lupan and I’m a photographer. I like very much letting people guide me in capturing the emotional expression that would perfectly represent them in their photos. Love traveling! – It connects my passion with the stories born around me. So, I can say that one thing led to another, new photographical opportunities give voice to valuable explorations of different parts of the world.

Presently, I live in Paris. I think that this city it’s the designer for my inspiration. Here,a lot of paths are widely open, challenges make you sometimes think that the sky is not the limit.

Everyone is limitless, if inspiration has an energy that makes you go higher, then that energy is represented by emotions. Each stage in photography is an emotional stage. Emotions are never too old fashioned, you choose to share them with me and let them become a piece of memory hardly to leave behind. Picturesque emotions can be easily evoked by photos and maintained lively straightaway. For this reason, my focus is represented by emotions mingled between individualities.

After all, it passed more than five years since I’ve started my career as a photographer. Practical work developed me; it brought a significant contribution to my photographical culture and maturity. Nonetheless, I learned and improved my skills for keeping a good relationship with people. Always aiming at the best results, I believe… and so far my favorite experience was a wedding destination in Mykonos Greece. Over there I met wonderful persons and managed to create a photo composition that shows how remarkable and elaborate an event can be.

In the meantime, besides traveling,my new interest is cooking. But I cannot stay too long in the kitchen; I like to be out because socializing with others remains my inborn quality.

At last, my future plan is to travel as much as I can. Generate and bring closer with my pictures weddings from different cultures, meet unique people that fire my inspiration with enthusiasm. Obviously, searching for emotions motivates every single effort and my strong passion for photography. If you like my style and consider me appropriate for working together, please contact me. I would be very glad to answer to you.